Brazilian Meets Korean

We adventured to Rio de Janeiro a couple of years ago, where unlike its normal sunny, beachy weather, it was dreary and rainy. We trekked up a large hill in Santa Teresa to reach a small restaurant at the top, where we feasted on feijoada, Brazilian's most famous black bean and pork stew topped with toasted farofa (yucca flour). During the days, we would take cover from the rain in tiny corner shops where we would order and devour any form of pastel we could find, after dousing in hot sauce. 

Brazilian food is close to my partner Nick's heart – his uncle's wife was Brazilian and he spent a fair amount of time in Rio and Minas Gerais, aka cowboy country, with her and her family. Both Brazilians and Koreans have an affinity for slow braised meats and vegetables, with some spicy & sour condiments to offset the richness. Plus, any excuse to marry kimchi & cheese!