Coney Island Baby

I teamed up with Dakota at Bombshell Bakers to host a unique Coney Island themed Food meets Burlesque Pop-Up last week. The inimitable Wae Messed did a killer Coney Island Hot Dog burlesque act, Bombshell Bakers provided delectable carnival treats like doughnuts and spiced popcorn, and I brought the Coney Dogs.

Coney Dogs are the go-to late-night snack food in Detroit, where I was born. Every trip back includes a pitstop at the one and only Lafayette Coney Island, and ends with a guilty pleasure whirl at the National Coney Island at the airport. At both places, you can get these sloppy, gooey, sauce-laded snappy hot-dogs topped with yellow mustard and raw onions (and then feel great about it on the plane!). 


"Detroit-Style" Coney Dog
Korean Spiced Coney Sauce with My Friend's Mustard & Diced Onions

The Coney Island style hot dog was brought to Detroit by Greek immigrants (via Coney Island, New York) and spread with different variations across Michigan. Beef hearts are the secret ingredient in making the super meaty, rich sauce that's ladled on natural casing dogs (no better kind!)

"Seoul-Style" Coney Dog
Korean Spiced Coney Sauce with Grilled Kimchi, Scalllions, Mozzarella & House Aioli

I cannot stress enough how much butter-grilled/fried kimchi brings all the amazingness to the table.

The best #hotdog ever from last night's @bombshellbakers @yooeating #foodlesque pop-up party! Thanks for the invite @synpeaks!

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Yummy @yooeating gettin eaten! #brooklynbars #eatdrinknyc #food #yum

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