Detroit Born Korean Raised

Being born in Detroit literally puts the American in my "Korean-American"ness. Once a bright beacon to people all over the world like my father, Detroit is home to a true melding of comfort food & the immigrant experience. 

My partner Nick hails from a long line of Detroiters, born and raised. We have a set list of our favorite Detroit foods that we must have when we go back to visit: pizza and flaming saganaki at Niki's Greektown, and some sloppy Coneys at Lafayette Coney Island.

From Greektown:

  • Detroit-Style Pizza – square deep-dish pizza, mozzarella, feta, Korean-spiced tomato sauce, weird Korean pizza toppings (bulgogi, corn, and ranch)

  • Greek Salad – red leaf lettuce, Asian chives, bean sprouts, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, Korean marinated beets, olives & pepperoncinis, "Nik's" Greek Salad Dressing, pita bread

  • Saganaki Ddukbokki – melted Greek kasseri cheese on spicy ddukbokki rice cakes, flamed with branding

From Coney Island:

  • Coney Dogs (2 versions) – Hot dogs topped with Korean spiced Coney sauced served Detroit-style (My Friend's Mustard, onions) or Korean-style (grilled kimchi, scallions, mozzarella, gochujang kewpie aioli)

  • Hanis – Spicy Korean fried chicken, pita, Swiss & American cheese, pickled white daikon, red ssam lettuce, tomato, gochujang kewpie aioli