Hurricane Me

When New York was slated to be hit by its first ever hurricane in our (waking) lives, it was named after me.  In anticipation of Hurricane Irene, the city shut down the whole subway system for an entire weekend.  So, to say sorry, I invited all the stranded friends in my neighborhood for some Korean-cum-American feasting:


army helmet.jpg

Army-style ddukbokki with ramen & American cheese

During the Korean war, American G.I.s brought with them cheap and slow-perishable goods like Spam and Kraft cheese. These got incorporated with existing Korean street foods, like instant Shin ramen and ddukbokki, little log-shaped rice cakes that are usually cooked in a spicy sweet sauce and enjoyed by Korean schoolchildren of all ages (I'm still yearning for them years after graduating). Together they make a bomb-ass, ultimate snacky dish to share with people you like.

Kimchi-slaw fish tacos

Combine chopped kimchi with red cabbage – even better if you grill the batch for a few minutes. Combine some chipotle in adobo sauce with mayo. Beer batter and fry some mahi-mahi or tilapia strips. Put everything on some corn tortillas and hand them off to your drooling friends before you burn your fingers. 

Pork belly & beef brisket Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Nothing warms your heart like watching people grab meats off the pan on your portable camp stove and use their grubby little hands to wrap in crunchy red leaf lettuce and smother in sauces. Even more hilarious to watch them stuff the whole thing in their mouths.