OldBoy Film Feast at Nitehawk

Oldboy (2003) changed the reputation of Korean cinema worldwide. I remember in college, my friend Josh who was a huge film nerd excitedly badgering me with questions about the movie and his sudden interest in Korean culture and society. The movie is a total mindfuck – when we re-watched this movie at Nitehawk Cinema in preparation for the film feast, we were all a little too nauseous to even think about food. 

Nitehawk hosts a monthly film feast, pairing food & drink to a film's thematic or literal elements. In honor of Korean National Liberation Day, we served 5 courses while viewers watched Park Chan-wook's seminal Oldboy. All the menu items were inspired by specific scenes, including the iconic live octopus eating. All food items were served before the film's gut wrenching reveal would turn customers stomachs.