Yooeating Drunk Food Pop-Up
6:00 PM18:00

Yooeating Drunk Food Pop-Up


Let’s talk about drinking in Korea. Did you know Koreans love to drink? No, really. They LOVE to drink. They love to drink so much that a required work skill is your ability to drink with your colleagues and clients until you pass out. They love to drink so much it is an unwritten but well known rule that you can never refuse a drink someone offers you. You can also never refuse a drink ever if someone older than you offers you. They love to drink so much they have an entire food culture built around drinking, and that’s what brings us here today.

Saturday, October 27 we’ll be popping up @ Pete’s Candy Store with an assorted selection of “drunk food”, featuring classic Korean drinking foods as well as Korean spins on other cultures’ drinking foods.


GRILLED KIMCHEESE – American cheese, roasted kimchi, furikake, gochujang mayo

SPICY CLAM SOUP with hand cut noodles – cheongyang pepper infused clam broth with knife cut wheat noodles

RABBOKKI – ramen meets ddukbokki (spicy Korean rice cakes)

SKEWERS: DWENJANG (bean paste) PORK or DUBU (tofu) KIMCHI (vegetarian)


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Summer Crawfish x Cocktails Party w Yooeating & Moto Spirits
2:00 PM14:00

Summer Crawfish x Cocktails Party w Yooeating & Moto Spirits


Yooeating is teaming up with our friends at Moto Spirits for our second annual Crawfish Boil!

Yooeating will be serving up boatloads of crawfish, potatoes, and corn smothered in our special kimchi scallion butter, Kore-Cajun style. Moto will be slinging cocktails with their signature small-batch rice whiskey. We'll have crawfish races, music, and other fun stuff!

Early bird tickets are available for $18 and include a boatful of crawfish and a cocktail (day of price: $22). All items will also be sold a la carte day of.

Tickets must be purchased no later than Aug 1st to get this special $18 price.

Buy your tickets now. Limited quantity available.

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Yooeating Korean-Hanukkah Popup
to Dec 17

Yooeating Korean-Hanukkah Popup

Our next pop-up will be in honor of all the "bubbes" in my life who fed me all the Jewish food growing up - elementary school teachers who cooked latkes with Mott's applesauce and brought us dreidels, friends' moms who would rip me off chunks of challah at bar mitzvahs, and the old servers at Label's Table (RIP!) who'd plunk down bowls of matzoh ball soups for us after school. It may sound strange for a Korean girl to love Jewish food so much, but it was a given where I grew up in Calabasas and a first escape away from kimchi and rice every night. .
On the fifth night of Hanukkah, we will be popping up @petescandystore to give you all the latkes, challah, and matzoh balls with Korean spins that this Korean but Jewish community-raised girl could ever hope for.

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Yooeating Korean American BBQ Pop-Up
5:00 PM17:00

Yooeating Korean American BBQ Pop-Up

We're celebrating the last of summer with a Korean-American BBQ pop-up at Pete's Candy Store! We'll be grilling up tasty backyard treats on their backyard grill:


Spicy Pork Ribs

Korean Brisket Sandwiches

Budae Jjigae Skewers

Korean Potato Salad

Dwenjang Collard Greens

Kimchi Pajeon Cornbread

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Yooeating & Tokki Soju OLDBOY Film Feast at Nitehawk Cinema
7:30 PM19:30

Yooeating & Tokki Soju OLDBOY Film Feast at Nitehawk Cinema

Yooeating is teaming up with Nitehawk Cinema and Tokki Soju for a FILM FEAST presentation of Park Chan-wook's OLDBOY on Korean Independence Day.

Director: Chan-wook Park Run Time: 119 min. Rating: R  Language: Korean

Starring: Byeong-ok Kim, Choi Min-Sik, Dae-han Ji, Dal-su Oh, Kang Hye-jeong, Seung-jin Lee, Seung-Shin Lee, Su-hyeon Kim, Su-kyeong Yun, Yu Ji-tae

Dae-Su is an obnoxious drunk bailed from the police station yet again by a friend. However, he’s abducted from the street and wakes up in a cell, where he remains for the next 15 years, drugged unconscious when human contact is unavoidable, otherwise with only the television as company. And then, suddenly released, he is invited to track down his jailor with a denouement that is simply stunning.

The Film Feast serves each dish at the moment its inspirational scene comes on the screen!


First Course
Laugh and the World Laughs with You – dduk-kochi spicy rice cake skewer | pork belly | quail egg

Weep, and You Weep Alone – pair of Tokki Soju shots

Second Course
Warm Hands – rock bream sashimi | octopus sashimi in nakji-bokkeum sauce | cold noodle salad

Count of Monte Cristo – Tokki Soju cocktail

Third Course
Violet Blue Dragon – fried dumplings with pork | kimchi | scallion

Evergreen – Tokki pine-infused makgeolli

Fourth Course
Oldboys Class of ‘79 –  “Shin” ramyun: spicy beef dashi | shiitake mushrooms | carrots | scallions | sous vide egg
Be it a rock or a grain of sand, in water they sink as the same – Tokki Chong-ju

Fifth Course
Oh Dae-Su’s Tongue – bulgogi beef tongue | seaweed rice

Even though I’m no better than a beast, don’t I have the right to live? – frozen blood red Tokki Omija Soju | condensed milk | red bean

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Yooeating & Secret Formula Backyard Crawfish Boil
5:00 PM17:00

Yooeating & Secret Formula Backyard Crawfish Boil

NEW DATE & TIME! We are now hosting this event on Saturday, July 29, 5-8pm.

We are teaming up to bring you a very special Brooklyn backyard crawfish boil, with Yooeating's kicked-up Korean comfort food flavors and Secret Formula's signature party-throwing skills!

$40 gets you:
– All-you-can-eat crawfish, straight from Louisiana, boiled live and tossed in Korean seasonings (don't worry, we'll show you how to eat 'em!)
– Unlimited keg beer (or until the keg is tapped, but we'll be sure to have plenty for everyone)

We will also have:
– Crawfish races (bring your singles!)
– Music
– Specialty cocktail (pay separately)
– Laissez-faire good times in a beautiful, part-grass / part-concrete Brooklyn backyard

Buy your tickets now, we only have 40 spots! Exact address will be emailed upon ticket purchase.

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"Yoo Quiero Taco Bell" Pop-Up
6:00 PM18:00

"Yoo Quiero Taco Bell" Pop-Up

Taco Bell has been a comfort food mainstay through our lives, from childhood weekend trips with the family, through high school late night runs with friends, and even now whenever we find ourselves in Union Square.

We're paying homage to our favorite fast food comfort food, Yooeating-style!


Crunchwrap Supreme
bulgogi beef, lettuce & perilla, tomatos, soy pickled korean peppers, miso sour cream, nacho cheese sauce

Mexican Pizza
refried adzuki beans, dwenjang pork, gochujang tomato sauce, 3 cheese blend, kimchi salsa

Locos Tacos
beef bulgogi/dwenjang pork, lettuce & perilla, kimchi salsa, 3 cheese blend, miso sour cream

crispy puffed twists with honey butter

CASH ONLY, RSVP so we know how much to make! Reclamation will be serving up delicious drink specials.

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Yooeating Hot Summer, Cold Noodles Pop-Up
6:00 PM18:00

Yooeating Hot Summer, Cold Noodles Pop-Up

Yep, we get it. IT HOT AF. This month Yooeating is serving some ice ice cold noodles to help you live just a little bit longer, as well as some kalbi LA BBQ style!

RSVP Here!


Korea's #1 summertime meal
Cold buckwheat noodles in icy beef broth with Korean pear, pickles, and brisket

LA Kalbi
Popularized in LA's Koreatown
Barbecued marinated cross-cut beef short ribs


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Yooeating Aloha Korea Food Pop-Up
6:00 PM18:00

Yooeating Aloha Korea Food Pop-Up

Hey it's summer! Yooeating is popping up with a special Korean-Hawaiian food pop-up at Reclamation, NEXT Saturday June 18!

Spam Jeon Musubi
egg fried Spam, kimbap veggies, and rice wrapped in nori

Kalua Pig & Pineapple Kimchi Sliders
pork cooked in banana leaves, pineapple kimchi, and slaw on King's Hawaiian sweet rolls

Poke Dup Bap
sushi grade tuna marinated in soy & sesame, veggies, served on red leaf lettuce & coconut steamed rice with spicy sauce

TBD and more, stay tuned!

Reclamation willl be serving up drink specials as well! (bar is not cash only)

Bring all your friends for some island fun! Mahalo!

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6:00 PM18:00

Yooeating?! Detroit Born Korean Raised Food Pop-Up



Detroit-style pizza
crispy crust square deep-dish pizza with mozzarella, feta, Korean-spiced tomato sauce, pepperoni, weird Korean pizza toppings (bulgogi, corn, and ranch)

Greek salad
red leaf lettuce, Asian chives, bean sprouts, tomatoes, feta cheese, beets, pepperocinis, red onions, Niki's Greek Salad Dressing, pita bread

Saganaki Ddukbokki
fried Greek cheese on spicy rice cakes, flambeed with brandy and extinguished with lemon


Coney Dogs (2 versions)
Hot dogs topped with Korean spiced Coney sauce and finished
Detroit-style: My Friend's Mustard, onions
Korean-style: grilled kimchi, scallions, mozzarella, gochujang kewpie aioli

Korean fried chicken, pita, Swiss & American cheese, pickled white daikon, red ssam lettuce, tomato, gochujang kewpie aioli

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Yooeating?! Korean-Japanese Pork & Waffles
6:00 PM18:00

Yooeating?! Korean-Japanese Pork & Waffles

Korean-Japanese Donkatsu meets Waffles @ Reclamation Bar in Williamsburg!


Korean-American comfort food pop-up YOOEATING?! has been missing LA and its famous Roscoe's House of Chicken N Waffles, so this month we're doing it Yooeating?! style by bringing a Korean kick to the soul food classic... 

@ Reclamation 817 Metropolitan (off Bushwick Ave), near the Graham L stop

Pork 'N Waffles
Korean-Japanese Donkatsu (crispy pork cutlet) on scallion ginger garlic waffles

"Let's roll to Yooeating?! and grab somethin' to eat" – Ludacris (sort of)

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Korean-Caribbean @ Ye-Yé
12:00 PM12:00

Korean-Caribbean @ Ye-Yé


bringing back...

Coreano Cubanos
Coffee-Laced Carnitas, Fried Spam, Gruyere & Pepper Jack Cheese, Gochujang Kewpie Aioli, Grilled Kimchi, Garlic Soy Pickle, My Friend's Mustard on Toasted Cuban Bread

DMZ Tostones
Fried Green Plantains, Grilled Kimchi, Queso Fresco, Gruyere, Gochujang Kewpie Aioli, Scallion Cilantro Gremolata
+ add-on: Spicy Korean Ground Pork

and new!

Korean Curry Patties
Bibimbap Veggie Patties

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